Encore represents a call for an additional performance by the audience. We believe that the content we carry should call for a heightened experience for the audience that wants to recall another view.

Encore Films, a subsidiary of Bhasinsoft, was incepted in 2009 as a small department – a mere marketing arm for the company. Encore Films grew up to be a separate entity in 2010 and now poised as one of the larger independent distribution companies out of India, focuses on investment/production and distribution of cross media content.

Encore Films’ portfolio encompasses animated and live action tv series, movies, shorts and web series. Encore Films also carries in its portfolio some of the best productions from countries including Canada, USA, Korea, China, Brazil and India. Encore Films currently distributes content in Asia, MENA, UK, North America and Australia.

Encore Films symbolises the creativity, the passion, the uniqueness that cultivates on one’s mind that recalls for an encore..


To be the premier integrated full-spectrum entertainment company with 360 degree content monetization.


To cultivate a culture of innovation and creativity, pushing boundaries to deliver immersive, affordable and accessible entertainment experiences to diverse audiences.

The Team