The Great Janggeum

2D Animation
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The stories surround Janggeum, a courageous, spirited girl with a curious nature and a strong passion for cooking. A historical-situation drama and growth drama featuring Janggeum from childhood through adult life at the palace.
Tensions and friendships fostered between the women and their loves are revealed throughout. A fiercely competitive girl named, Geumyoung, is introduced as the greatest threat to Janggeum's dream for success. Jeongho MIN, the King's bodyguard is sent to apprehend the would-be assassins and find the identity of the king's rescuer in accordance with the King's command.
Plenty of oriental-style fighting-action ensues between Janggeum's defenders and the relentless assassins. An intimate relationship blossoms between Jeongho and Janggeum. Meanwhile, the nefarious rebels continue to elude capture and hatch further sinister plots against the King.