Sorry I Love U

2D Animation
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The animation to newly terminate KBS Drama [I'm sorry, I love you] (I'm sorry, I love you - between one year) is another story till Song Eunchae suicides at Cha Moohyuck's grave after Cha Moohyuck died from an accident. it focuses on Eunchae's mind and unsolved story between Moohyuck and his mother, Ohdeulhee.
Moohyuck is finally dead in hospital and his heart is transplanted to Yoon as he promised. Since Oohdulhee doesn't know anything, she is so happy in succesful operation. But Yoon feels guilty to divulge the fact that Moohyuck is Ohdeulhee's son. Ohdeulhee gets a big shock.... On the other hand, while Eunchae is so sad and wandering around due to Moohyuck's death, She finds that Daechun, her father, is the person who abandoned Moohyuck to orphan Eunchae is getting more and more in sadness and guilty. After a while, Ohdeulhee meets her daughter, Seokyung and her grandson Galch, They start to live together by Eunchae's help. When Ohdeulhee and Seokyung's relationship get stable, Eunchae leaves for Australia When they know Eunchae's death later, it is only after she has already lied beside Moohyuck.