Prestigious Moscow Circus

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Total of 37.5 hrs

The Yuri Nikulin Circus, named after Russia's most famous clown and the former longtime director of the circus, is in some ways returning to its traditional roots today and is featuring more and more of the clown acts and tomfoolery that became popular during the 17th and 18thcenturies in Russia.
The circus also features an excellent range of acrobatic and gymnastic acts, and performances featuring bears, horses, monkeys and dogs. With its rich tradition and enviable reputation, the Moscow Russian Circus remains one of the best circuses in the world. We are privileged to still have the opportunity to experience one of the jewels of Russia 's impressive cultural heritage.37.5 HOURS of television programs of Nikulin Moscow Circus (programs 26'/52'/90'): magic on the ring, acrobats, equilibrists, trained animals (domestic and exotic), funny clowns, rope dancers, gymnasts with belts, rings, hula hoops; ice shows, shows on horses and motorcycles, comic firemen and many moreā€¦ Each program consists of several circus performances. There are not verbal programs, only splendid shows and music.