Little Longnose

2D Animation
Russian, English dubbed
Subtitles / Titling:
Episode Length:
76 minutes

Based on the classic stories of of wihelm hauff. “little longnose” tells the exciting tale of one special boy who saves his kingdom and himself with kindness , courage , and the help of a true friend.
An evil which needs jacob, the kind-hearted shoemaker's son. In order to carry out her sister plans. When jacob refuses, the witch takes away seven years of his life and turns him into a ugly owarf. The witch is sure that this misfortune will be too much for jacob to bear and that he will give in and help her.
With seven years gone. Jacob returns to his home as a dwarf but nothing is the same. His father has died from greif and even his own mother can't recognise him. The people of the town mock him and drive him away, jacob does not know what to do.
And then one day while running away from his persecutors, jacob saves the life of a goose. But this is not an ordinary goose. It is the king's daughter princess greta. Who was kidnapped and put under a spell when she discovered the witch in her father's library stealing the secret that will give her the power to rule the kingdom.
Jacob and the princess join together to get back to their families and stop the witch's evil plan.