Ilya and the Robber

2D Animation
Subtitles / Titling:
Episode Length:
80 minutes

The land Russian is famous by heroes' powerful and by robbers, too.... And from above all duke sits, looks for everything and introduces order, if it's necessary. But there is only the ill luck - not always it comes off how it is necessary or correct with duke. And so it's now - he has sworn with hero, he has been suffered great and unpleasant losses by the robber who has withdrawn the gangster damned treasury state directly from under a nose! What has duke to do? Anything special - he is Duke and by this reason he can get out of any situation!
So, Duke with Ilya went for searching the stolen and female correspondent of the chronicle "New Birch Bark" followed them. And their way was uneasy, and it even leaded them to Tsargrad. There they have squabbled a little with Byzantium emperor, but emperor with all his army was weak against Russian hero....The emperor had to accept the help of Robber, but all the same nothing came off it. And all our heroes came back home, where honor and glory waited for them.