2D Animation, Comedy
Russian, English dubbed
Subtitles / Titling:
Episode Length:
80 minutes

One day, long ago, tn the Russian city of Rostov, the fearsome army of Tugarin demanded that the city surrender its gold or else suffer the consequences. Now in Rostov, the priest had an enormous young son named Alosha who had a plan: Rostov would put its gold into the cave above the city, lure Tugarin inside, and close off the entrance with a huge boulder. Everything went perfectly, except that the boulder rolled down the mountain, demolished Rostov and Tugarin ran away with the gold. Alosha was ashamed and vows that he will get back the gold and his good name. Joined by his devoted uncle, his beautiful fiancee, her nagging grandmother, their stoic donkey, and an extremely talkative horse, Alosha sets off on the journey that made him a legend.